Program Details

Swim For Charlie is partnering with North Carolina elementary schools and area aquatic centers to transport 2nd graders during the school day to the pool for water safety/swimming instruction. Each session consists of a 10 minute water safety talk and introduction of an aquatic career followed by 40 minutes of pool instruction. There will be 8 sessions over two weeks.  The program will use the NC Healthful Living Standards and will be part of the Physical Education curriculum.  Schools will be added to the program prioritizing those schools with the greatest need.

Long Term Goals

Swim for Charlie first partnered with 3 Orange County elementary schools and the Orange County Sportsplex in Spring 2020 graduating 194 students. The plan is to include all 7 Orange County Schools.

Swim for Charlie will expand into Durham County with a new partnership with Durham Public Schools and North Carolina Central University.

As resources allow Swim for Charlie will continue to bring together other North Carolina school districts and aquatic centers, considering the unique assets and challenges of each new partnership. The ultimate goal is for this initiative to grow statewide and to continue for the long term over decades, having a profound effect upon youth health and lives matching Charlie’s broad vision. 

Proven Model

Swim for Charlie has duplicated the highly successful Guilford County model. The Greensboro Aquatic Centers in partnership with Guilford County Schools has created an excellent Learn to Swim program. Operating since 2011 they are graduating ~2000 students a year. 

Program Director

           Alexa Zollicoffer

Alexa is a certified and licensed Recreational Therapist. She received her BS in Kinesiology and MS in Parks and Recreation Management from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2015 and 2017, respectively. Alexa was a competitive swimmer throughout high school and has always had a passion for aquatics. During college she worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor. Alexa’s passion for teaching swimming, and her desire to help people led her to Swim for Charlie.